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Foam Fabricators has been molding Airdex pallets for several years... It's a great product!

New Wood Packaging Export Regulations
Governments around the world are increasingly restricting the use of all forms of wood packaging, including pallets, crates, and skids. These restrictions are intended to stop the introduction of foreign pests and have created an expensive and complex scenario of interpretations of regulations, compliance methods and documentation procedures for exporters. They combine to create new risks to the exporter, ranging from total shipment rejections to expensive (perhaps product damaging) delays in the shipping process.

Here are nine product features that are EXCLUSIVE to AIRDEX. Each of them offers important BENEFITS to Import/Export and Airfreight users.

  1. A very light weight pallet at only 6-11 lbs depending on coating and strength requirement) typically from 1,500 to 3,000 lbs dynamic load weight. Saves Airfreight weight costs as well as oververall transportation expenses.
  2. Thermally insulated with high R & K factors to maintain temperature sensitive shipments: food, pharmaceutical, biotech, etc.
  3. Shock absorbing, with high S-curve coefficient to protect sensitive cargo: food, hi tech, instruments, etc.
  4.  A very safe pallet for Humans, Environment, and Freight because: light weight means no lifting injuries, no sharp edges means no cutting of human skin or product containers, no bugs, rodents, or vermin can live in pallet so it is safe to the environment.
  5. It's totally waterproof (in-out of freezers without surface ice or moisture... and it floats!) Directly washable/rinse-able.
  6. Medically certified and sanitary with EPA/FDA, HACCP full-surface coating of High Impact Polystyrene. Fully "Autoclave" safe.
  7. It is an RF (radio frequency) invisible pallet. RFID Tags can be implanted internally anywhere inside the pallet core.
  8. Very tamper proof. Expensive freight cannot be pilfered from underneath as pallet construction will obviate any ingress or tampering.





Questions? Email us at or visit the Airdex website directly at

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