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This section demonstrates products for which the molds (tooling) already exist. Foam Fabricators owns the tooling so you can buy just the molded foam products. In some cases our distributers own their own tooling also.

  • Typically these applications tend to be low to medium volume. For high volume applications customers have us build "custom" tooling. This leads to the lowest possible product cost, but, these customers also have to buy a tool which usually costs from $8,500.00 to over $30,000.00.
  • Buying proprietary products is a value trade off. These products cost more than the custom molded ones, but you don't have to purchase a mold... Sometimes customers start off with these products and then build a tool to get the lowest part cost later.
  • Proprietary products fall into four main categories (to your upper-left).
  • The distributors section explains where you can buy these products. Corners and edge rails are typically stocked by our distributors, sometimes boxes too.



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