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Fabricating foam, as opposed to molding, it is a great way to get started. Fabricated foams typically cost more than molded foam, but the tooling (or dies) usually cost 1/10th of what custom molded foam tooling does. Typical applications are:

  • Medium to low volume projects.
  • New products where the item being packaged might change soon (requiring a different pack).
  • Programs that just don't have the budget to support hard tooling right now.
  • Testing programs still under development.
  • Some companies just like fabricated foams!

On the left as you can see we have a LOT of fabricating options. Look through them and/or contact us for help, or, get in touch with us for help deciding which way to go (fabricated or molded - or both…).

For specific help with fabrication, email David P. by clicking his name or call 817-623-0034.


Do you need more general help? Just choose:  email us, call us or find us (after following any of these links just click the "back" button on your browser to return here).

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