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Foam Fabricators is a solutions-based company!

We're here to help..EPP end caps (for a PC).

  • Packaging: Just what it sounds like… usually molded foam on the outside of an item (EPP computer end caps for example - pictured) and typically inside an outer container (a box). Once you're in the packaging area you'll see several other sub-sets of this market segment (high tech, medical, etc..).
  • Componentry: The molded foam is the item, like in a car bumper… This is just one example!  Did you know molded foam might also be inside your computer or refrigerator? See Componentry for these examples and many more.
  • Proprietary Products: We own a lot of tooling that can be used to produce the same items for many customers.  Stock products, like corners and edge rails, are sometimes sold through distribution.  There's a comprehensive list of insulated containers too...

There is also a complete list of molded foam materials, fabricated solutions (as opposed to molded) and an area describing our engineering capabilities/capacities


Do you need more help? Just choose:  email us, call us or find us (after following any of these links just click the "back" button on your browser to return here).

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